Why You Need A Social Media Manager For Your Brand

Social media management is beyond posting images, videos, and text. But unfortunately, many business owners think that’s what it is and don’t see the need for a social media manager to manage their business social media accounts,  as a business owner there are tendencies you are good and active on your social media handles and you feel that’s enough, that might give you an edge but that’s not all.


Many business owners don’t realize that social media is not just for contents display and advertising your products and services it is also a customer management tool,  You may not realize it, but customers expect your business to provide customer service through your social media platform almost on a 24-hour basis, most customers would prefer reaching out to you to enquire or complaining about your products/services through your social media page than writing a formal complaint through your email or customer inquiry form on your website, and responding to such enquiries and complaints could be overwhelming for you to handle alone. And you ignoring such enquiries and complaints could make you lose customers.

 According to a Forbes report, 66 percent of consumers stopped doing business with a business after receiving poor customer service on social media, neglecting social media in your customer service efforts could risk customer retention, and lessen the likelihood that you acquire new customers through social platforms. That’s why having a social media manager will ease the burden of you managing your handle as well as that of your business,  his/her responsibility would be to interact daily with customers through your business social media pages, and you will likely see your customer satisfaction rise. Using social media for customer service will allow your business to quickly respond to customers, and will also serve as a good public relations opportunity.


Another important role your social media manager plays is providing you with a social media report on a monthly or quarterly basis using the social media analytics/ insights available only on your social media business pages, your manager should be able to read and analyze with a deeper understanding of your customers’ demographics, but it is surprising to see some business owners who manage their social media handles themselves don’t even have an idea of the page analytics/insight section of the social media business page where you can take a look at both the countries your followers are located, their states, etc. These details can be used as useful data when running ads and understanding your customers’ demographics would help you in making a well-informed business decision. 


Hiring a social media manager can provide long-term success for your growing business. Having a professional in this area will do more than just an active social media presence; it will improve customer service, perfect branding, increase sales, and much more.

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